Top 10 Exports from Mauritius

Mauritius island is found near Africa’s southeastern coastline, the Republic of Mauritius shipped US$2.1 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2017. That dollar amount represents a -10.2% drop since 2013 and a -4.2% year-over-year retreat from 2016 to 2017.

Based on estimates from the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook, exported goods plus services from Mauritius represent 46% of total Mauritian economic output or Gross Domestic Product. Please note that the overall value of exported goods and services includes a sizable share of re-exports. The analysis below focuses on exported products only.

From a continental perspective, over half (50.4%) of Mauritian exports by value were delivered to European countries while 21.1% were sold to fellow African nations. Mauritius shipped another 12.9% worth of goods to Asia, with 11.7% going to customers in North America.

Given Mauritius’ population of 1.4 million people, its total $2.1 billion in 2017 exports translates to roughly $1,550 for every resident in that country.

Mauritius’ unemployment rate was 7.1% as of March 2017 compared to 7.6% one year earlier, according to Trading Economics.

Mauritius’ Top 10 Exports